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Spicer Street Rentals & Payscape

A Case Study

About Spicer Street Rentals

College Apartment Rentals and Management

"We offer one, two, and three bedroom luxury apartments in newer construction buildings. Spicer Street Rentals manages two luxury apartment locations, Spicer Place and Cross Place, catering to students at the University of Akron in Ohio. With such optimum proximity to campus, we are a premium option for students seeking a comfortable and inviting living experience close to campus."

The Challenge

As a college apartment rental management company, Spicer Street Rentals needed a way for their tenants to pay their rent online in a safe and secure manner. In additon to this, Spicer Street needed it integrated into a clean and navigable website showing students a clear representations of their housing options. 

Mission Statement

"Spicer Place & Cross Place... the place to be near campus" 



Payscape built a website that allows them to be easily located by potential tenants in a Google search. Payscape then integrated Billing technology so that Spicer Street Rentals would be able to collect payments from tenants without having to deal with time-consuming paper billing. 

Rick Angheld

Spicer Street Rentals

We love the fact that Payscape Invoicing allows us to cut a lot of paperwork out of our operations.

Highlighted Service

Billing by Payscape made it not only easier to manage the tenants, but made it easier for those students to pay their rent. Now students can pay at their convenience and do not have to worry about issues with postage, management hours conflicts, or being out-of-town when bills are due. 

" The Spicer Street Rentals lifestyle is the ultimate student living experience in Akron. Contact us to find out more about our options!"


The result is a far more efficient and simplified experience for both the students, and Spicer Street Rentals! Small Businesses should always aim to provide customers with the best service, and Spicer Street Rentals is doing that while also lowering their costs with Payscape's services!